Welcome to the WUNDERBILD art world

We are on a mission to bring amazing international fine art, photography and contemporary art to your walls. We are the new art gallery for a new generation of art collectors. We offer a great way to collect stunning original & limited art by our amazing artists. Our curators are selecting original & limited editions art works by emerging & mid-career international artists. Founded and rooted by creatives in the centre of Europe, we have followed the footsteps of our international collectors and expanded our mission with art consultants & curators in North America and South East Asia. Our founders have more than 20 years of experience in the art industry.

Our Art

With an ever-expanding selection of limited editions, original artworks, sculptures and objects. Our curators explore and release exciting new pieces of great art every week. Our experienced art consultants are on hand to help you finding the right piece or collection for your home or office. They can give you details on our artists' techniques or explain the difference between finishes and framing options. We offer a free mock-up service, so you can see how the art will look on your walls.

Explore the unique WUNDERBILD labels

W is our classic label for unique original artworks.
The work is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate.

W2 Edition is our label for museum quality limited art with up to max 25 total copies.
The Limited Editions are from an expertly curated collection of international artists. The W2 edition works are produced with museum quality craftsmanship and offer the latest technology for high-quality art editions. A certificate contains all the pertinent info about the format, date, print run, and edition number. That makes our W2 Editions so valuable and unique. 

W+ Edition is our label for affordable limited art with up to 100 total copies.
The W+ limited editions come all with solid wooden frames and are ready to hang without any sacrifices in quality. A certificate contains all the pertinent info about the format, date, print run, and edition number. 

Our artists

Our international curators are selecting original art & limited editions works by emerging, mid-career and established international artists. The curated collections of contemporary artworks include fine art photography, painting, mixed media, digital art, installation art, objects and sculptures. Working with some of the finest rising and midcareer artists is a privilege. We nurture the careers of the artists we discover as their art transforms the homes and offices of our collectors. We have participated in art fairs in Los Angeles, Manila, Sydney, Toronto, Bogota, Lima, New York, Frankfurt, Vienna, Singapore, Taipei, London, Venice and Cologne.